College of Staten Island
 The City University of New York
Cutting-Edge Technology

CSI's dedication to advancing technology will enhance your college experience. From "CSI unplugged," a wireless network that can be accessed anywhere on campus, to Virtual Classrooms, which allow students to interact with universities in Turkey, South Africa, and Shanghai, CSI strengthens your education through superior technology.

Whether your interests lie in media culture, music, or the sciences, CSI's sophisticated labs and facilities allow you to explore your field of interest, giving you hands-on experience and making the difference in preparing you for an exciting career.

CUNYfirst, our student information and records system, stands for Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool.  CUNYfirst at College of Staten Island continues to enhance the way that students register for classes, manage their administrative tasks and pay their bills. It is designed to streamline a variety of administrative, day-to-day aspects of life at College of Staten Island.