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Lisa S, Ebert, J.D.
Director of Sponsored Programs and Research

Office Of Sponsored Programs
 and Research

Welcome to the Office Of Sponsored Programs
and Research.
Lisa S. Ebert, Director

Location: South Administration Building (1A), Room 211
Phone: 718.982.2254
Fax: 718.982.2252

Message from the Director

This office is here to support YOU, our Faculty members, Staff and PIs. With a mission to empower and engage faculty in researching, selecting, developing and submitting external funding applications, we invite you to come by or contact me via email and let’s see how we can help!

Lisa Ebert, Director

Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program
The University is introducing a new Interdisciplinary Research Grant program that seeks to support and encourage faculty researchers who will tackle global challenges or problems that affect the needs of urban populations. We encourage applications that address specific challenges in ways that can be approached by combining expertise across disciplines (such as the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities). Submission Deadline: March 4, 2016. Please direct program inquiries to:
Avrom Caplan, Ph.D.
Associate University Dean for Research
Or contact Office of Sponsored Programs and Research – 718-982-2254
For more information please visit -

*New Initiative: Grants Review Panel

It is the mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research to support, encourage, and empower faculty to pursue external funding opportunities and to assist them in both pre-award and post-award activities.

Important Notes to PI’s

  • The Research Foundation has mandated that all hiring staff, within 30 days of hiring, work out the parameters of vacation time (annual leave) with their employees.  This is to ensure that employees do not accumulate annual leave each year and risk the institution needing to assume a large pay out when employees leave RF payroll.  Please contact me for further information on this important procedure.
  • OSPR is now sending out email notices to each Department Chair of the grant submissions that have been submitted in that department, and the amount and sponsor.
  • All grants involving cost sharing must be properly documented.   Please be sure to complete all paperwork each year as needed for your grants. View CUNY Restrictions on Cost Sharing.

For a good look at how OSPR works with other offices, see this article:
Grant Application Process Leads to Dynamic Intra-College Collaboration