College of Staten Island
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Adult Learner
 Weekend Services

The weekend class schedule provides degree courses on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and afternoons and on Sunday afternoons for the Fall and Spring semesters.  These classes meet once per week; so, for example, a student may take classes on Saturday (one starting at 9AM and the other at 12:45 PM), combining these with a Friday evening course and one on Sunday afternoon. 

This weekend schedule (i. e. from one to four courses) eases the burden of weekday/workweek rush to campus after a lengthy work day and enables adult students to increase a particular semester's credit load to hasten degree completion. Support services including the Library, the computer laboratories, the sports and recreation center, and the main cafeteria provide hours of access on weekends.

Courses offered enable adult learners to complete two year associate degrees in: 

  • Liberal Arts 
  • Business